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We know that part of maintaining our cars is making sure that we use the proper motor oil. But, how many of us really know much about motor oil wholesale in general? First of all, did you know that motor oil wholesale does not wear out as so many of us believe? It actually just becomes dirty, so it is a perfect candidate for recycling. How important is recycling? Well, a mere two gallons of recycled motor oil wholesale basically can run the electricity in an average home for about 24 hours. Sadly, the U.S. recycles a mere 10 to 15 percent of its motor oil, while Europe recycles about 50 percent of its motor oil wholesale and retail. When you take into account that vehicles around the world created about 3.7 billion gallons, or 14 billion liters of used motor oil in 2009, recycling becomes imperative.

Additionally, recycling or properly disposing of used motor oil wholesale wise, is important to the environment. If motor oil is dumped improperly, it may form a layer of scum on bodies of water. This scum then stops sunlight and oxygen from reaching the water, which can in turn kill fish, plants, frogs, and other life living in the water.

Now that you know how important it is to recycle motor oil wholesale basis, you want to determine if your oil change facility or mechanic does recycle that used oil. When asking your mechanic or service technician about when you need to get an oil change, what type of motor oil to use or when to change motor oil wholesale, ask about their recycling policy as well.

Additionally, another reason why you may want to have a technician perform oil changes is because you may not have the tools to actually recycle that oil. Also, having a professional oil change may eliminate the possibility of engine damage. For instance, putting too much oil in the car can cause crankshaft parts to dip into the oil. This will then churn air into the oil causing it to foam. It may also cause fluctuations in oil pressure.

Ask your technician about the best motor oil wholesale recycling and other pertinent questions about keep your car running in top shape, and you can enjoy your auto for many years.
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