Why You Should Choose A Denver Health Clinic Over An Emergency Room Visit

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Emergency room visits tally up to more than one hundred million each year. While many of these visits account for sudden injuries or illnesses, many other emergency room visits are utilized because a primary care physician or other medical professional is not available. However, while emergency rooms are effective in treating ailments and injuries, it may not always be convenient to seek medical care in this method. Emergency rooms often require long waiting times to be admitted and to be seen, especially if a patient needs to be admitted for a hospital stay. As such, seeking out alternative locations such as a Denver health clinic, walk in clinic Denver or Denver urgent care location can be an excellent idea. What kind of services do urgent care Denver centers offer to patients?

Visiting an urgent care cherry creek center or Denver health clinic can offer a great variety of medical services, including Std testing denver. In fact, most urgent care centers are utilized in order to ease the burden on hospital emergency rooms. As such, a Denver health clinic can treat non life threatening injuries and illnesses. In many cases, the patient will be instructed to follow up with a primary care physician after visiting a Denver health clinic. Additionally, some urgent care centers throughout certain states utilize point of care prescription dispensing, which ensures that patients receive prescriptions before leaving the clinic or urgent care center. However, when choosing and visiting a clinic in your area, you will quickly learn that these types of centers offer a great deal of convenience, in addition to services such as prescription writing and filling, x rays, and diagnostic testing.

Currently, one of the biggest drivers for the popularity of Denver health clinic and other urgent care options is the increasing caseload of primary care physicians. Due to a high demand of patients, doctors often experience difficulty in scheduling appointments, longer waiting times, and a decrease in the amount of time spent with each patient. In addition, less than thirty percent of primary care physicians and other medical care professionals utilize after hours coverage. As such, it may be a good idea for you to keep phone numbers and other contact information for specific urgent care centers in your area readily accessible. This may help to avoid a visit to a crowded emergency room and can ensure the care that you need.

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