Why Motorcycles Are so Popular in America

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Motorcycles are an icon of the American highway. In the United States, there are roughly 9 million registered motorcycles. Part of the reason for the popularity of the motorcycle in America is the sense of freedom it evokes. Millions have been attracted to the idea of cruising down the highway with the wind in their hair and nothing else around them but the great outdoors.

One great thing about motorcycles is their savings. Compared to cars, motorcycles are considerably cheaper. They also offer much greater fuel economy thanks to their light weight construction. Hence, the popularity of motorcycles has increased as people have recognized the uncertainty of long term rising gas prices.

Another thing people love about motorcycles is their customizability. Compared to modern cars, motorcycles are easy to customize and there are tons of aftermarket motorcycle parts and custom motorcycles parts on the market to help enthusiasts create their dream bikes. Custom motorcycles parts are also much cheaper and lighter than car parts so they are easier to purchase and work with.

While there are many motorcyclists in the United States, only a handful ride their bikes year round. Changing seasons are the most common reason for this, as riding a motorcycle in bad weather conditions can be incredibly dangerous. It is also not very comfortable to ride a motorcycle in freezing conditions and, in some cases, there could be a danger of frost bite due to cold air exposure.

Regardless of the weather, the open nature of motorcycle riding makes them inherently more dangerous than driving in a car. Most motorcycle injuries occur to people between the ages of 20 and 24. To reduce the risk of injury in motorcycle accidents, riders should wear special protective clothing. A Department of Transportation certified helmet should also always be worn by riders. For more information on motorcycles, including how to customize a motorcycle and motorcycle riding safety tips, search online. More like this article: www.nichecycle.com

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