What Three of the Top Blogs in the World are Doing Right, and What You Can Learn From Them

Top ten blogs in the world

Did you know that there are 31 million bloggers in the U.S. alone? Although many people view blogging as a route to quick cash, most bloggers understand that it is a competitive circuit where top bloggers have to know what they are talking about, update constantly, and keep an attractive website in order to make any money.

If you want to get more readers for your blog, one way to improve is to learn from the pros. Here is a list of the worlds most popular blogs, and an explanation of what they are doing right.

1. Perez Hilton

PerezHilton.com has over 10,000,000 unique monthly visitors and specializes in celebrity gossip. This is one of the top ten blogs in the world. Not only does Perez focus on a single topic, but even the site ads reflect its content, featuring previews and buzz about popular television shows. Why is this site so popular? Hilton does not try to be everything for everyone, instead, he chooses to only concentrate on what he understands best. He does research so that his content is fresh and relevant for readers, and he is not afraid to be a little controversial.

2. Tech Crunch

Tech Crunch is a news website that focuses on reporting on information technology, and it has established itself as an important voice in the tech community. If you truly want to create a successful blog, you might want to go the way of websites like TechCrunch and eventually be larger than a one person operation. Many blogs that make lists of the most famous blogs in the world are not blogs as we imagine them in the traditional sense. Sites like Gawker and TMZ, for example, are also technically blogs.

3. The Worst Room

Coming in as the fifth most visited blog on Tumblr, which is one of the top blogging platforms, is The Worst Room. It has a simple aim, collecting depressing pictures from Craigslist ads in New York City. Although we do not recommend using material without permission since you will be risking copyright violation, this is a great example of how you can create a popular site in just weeks or month. This blog is new and already getting a ton of traffic because, like many world famous blogs, they use a popular blogging site, understand how to utilize audiences on that site, and promote using multiple content types.

Do you visit any of the worlds most popular blogs?

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