What is a Boiler? – Work Flow Management

Fireplaces do not have the same meaning with fireplaces. These are boilers and furnaces. They heat air and a boiler is able to heat water. Boilers’ name is because they use heat to warm water until it reaches a boil to be used for heating houses. This video will provide an explanation of the workings of a boiler.

The initial step of the boiler system is to have thermostats to signal for heating. The thermostat will send an electrical signal for the boiler, that is located in the basement. The burner located in the bottom of the boiler heats up using the energy supplied from the electricity or fuel. The burner transfers the heat to the water. The warm water is distributed throughout the residence through various things like fan convectors, radiators, or radiant heating systems. They allow warmth of the water to exit the building. It removes oxygen. Boilers are also equipped with an expansion tank, which is used to regulate pressure fluctuations. As you can see, the essentials of a good boiler can be described as very basic. This video should have given the viewer an understanding of what boilers do.


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