What Happens During an Eye Exam – Health and Fitness Magazine

What happens during an eye exam? The video below shows a child’s appointment with the doctor. It also demonstrates the procedure that takes place.

The first thing the doctor of the eye measures his patient’s eyes. The eye doctor uses an instrument to measure the eyes of the patient. read. The patient focuses on the object in the distance and doctors get a precise reading.

If further testing is required, the patient will move onto the chair. The doctor will ask the patient if there are any issues in their eyesight. A test of the eyes will be carried out. A single eye is blocked one at a time, and the ultimate test will involve both eyes. The physician can see how different the vision is between both eyes, and it is also possible to see how both eyes work in conjunction.

The doctor can also assess the closeup vision with reading tests. Eye muscles are assessed to assess how effective the movement and reflexes that the eye muscles have. Next, evaluate depth perception by using glasses that are similar as 3D glasses.

There is more info about eye exams at the following link.


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