Want to save Money Each Year on Your Water Bills? Check out These High-efficiency Bathroom Fixtures

Corner bathtub

For those who are more fortunate, this might be an unbelievable fact; but across the world, there’s an estimated 2.5 billion people without access to safe sanitation — including 1 billion people who still defecate in the open, and more than 1 billion others who must use pit latrines. Most of us are lucky enough to have access to modern toilets and other bathroom appliances, providing safe and clean bathroom use. However, traditional toilets are becoming less desirable, as new technology as allowed for newer, pressure assisted toilets that specialize in being friendly to your utility bills, and the environment by saving water with each use. The best part is a that many of these toilets are made in the USA, which is also great for the nation’s economy.

Pressure assisted toilets may seem more expensive than the more traditional, gravity toilets; however, these pressure assisted toilets actually do a better job of removing waste from the bowl with less water. Water saving toilets such as the pressure assisted toilets are extremely beneficial to the environment and will save you a lot of money each month on your utility bills. Because each flush is pressure-assisted, these toilets are stronger, allowing them to be less-susceptible to clogs, which can save you money on plumbing repairs, too.

There are other bathroom features made in the USA that help to improve the efficiency of your water use, such as compact walk-in bathtubs. Compact walk-in bathtub models take up less room than conventional tubs, saving space and water usage. These compact walk-in bathtubs also provide a higher level of safety and convenience. Because of the safety and accessibility of these bathtub models, they are popular among elders, limiting their chances of slipping and injuring themselves while bathing.

Recent research shows that switching to water-efficient toilets and other plumbing fixtures can save as much as $50 to $100 a year on water and waste-water bills for the average family. In addition to being environmentally-friendly, and providing safer methods to bathing, every American should consider installing these more efficient bathroom fixtures in their home.

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