Want to Invest in Iraqi Dinars?

Dinar for sale

Until 1959, the Iraqi dinar was considered to be of equal value with the British pound. Over 50 years later, the Iraqi dinar conversion rate is roughly 1,300 dinars to a United States dollar. However, there is currently an opportunity for people to buy Iraqi dinars in anticipation of a dinar revalue, in which case the person who bought dinars would strike it rich.

Since Iraq doesn’t have many other exports other than oil, which is sold in dollars, there is little demand for dinars, and as such, they remain in “exotic” status. That means anybody from any other country can order dinars and buy them in bulk. They can store the dinars wherever they want, and when and if the dinar actually revalues, there is profit to be made.

Iraq currency has a long history. From 1947 until 1954, banknotes were issued by the National Bank of Iraq. In 1954, the Central Bank of Iraq took over and began producing dinars. The fils is also issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, and is a subdivision of the dinar in terms of Iraq currency. There are 1,000 fils to a dinar, although inflation has pretty much rendered the fils obsolete.

Buying Iraqi currency is an opportunity for anyone who wants to have a chance at making money from a potential revalue. In the United States, Michigan, California and Illinois have the highest number of Iraqi born foreign populations, so those states might be the most suited to buy Iraqi dinars as an investment. In any case, anyone can buy dinars whenever they want as part of an investment opportunity.


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