Virginia Has Beaches, Mountains and Low Taxes!?

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I trusted the Re Max Alliance group, not only because they were founded in 1994 and had almost two decades of experience, but because they are a group of award winning realtors. If I wanted someone helping me out with my hunt for for homes for sale in norfolk va, then I would trust them.

Before it felt like I was just kind of googling into the darkness, searching for homes for sale Chesapeake VA or homes for sale Norfolk Virginia or homes for sale Virginia Beach or real estate chesapeake va and other vague terms that were not very helpful.

The thing was, I did not have a lot of good results with my hunt in Norfolk, and instead, they gave me a list of alternatives that I might consider which they had aptly labeled “homes for sale Virginia Beach.” They gave me a few reasons why I should consider some of the results of this “homes for sale Virginia Beach” list. Here are the three that convinced me to take this “homes for sale Virginia Beach” list seriously.

1. It has both mountains and beaches.

As someone who loves hikes and the view from valleys as much as I love going for run on the sand or getting a tan, this seemed ideal. I absolutely love the outdoors, and there was property on that “homes for sale Virginia Beach” list that was twenty minutes away from each!

2. Low taxes.

Virginia boasts some of the lowest rates in terms of both personal and business taxes. This was very attractive to me as someone with an online business who has to pay a lot of taxes from my old home. When I heard this, those houses from the “homes for sale Virginia Beach” list got more and more attractive.

3. It is full of history.

There is a reason that a lot of people come to Virginia to shoot history films or reenactments. The place is chock full with fascinating locales from the history of our country.

These are just a few of the reasons that drew me to seriously consider “homes for sale virginia beach.” If you had to move here, why or why not might you.

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