Top blogs in the world make for great reading

If you search Google, you can pull up a ranked list of the most famous blogs or world famous blogs. But depending on what you search for, you could be getting mixed results. Sure, there are analysts that tediously track data to determine which blogs are indeed, the most famous blogs in the world. However, if you ask any blogger, they’ll tell you they consider “my little world blog” to be one of the top ten blogs in the world. We write blogs to have our ideas, our thoughts, and our feelings broadcast as a form of cathartic writing for the masses. The Internet has allowed people to gain access to every part of our lives, from social networks to world famous blogs, we can follow other people’s lives with scrutinizing precision. When we follow someone’s blog, we get an up close and personal account of their lives and the way they see the world. Currently, the list of world famous blogs, or those that are deemed the top ten blogs in the world, feature some very big names in gossip and pop culture. There are world famous blogs written on a host of topics, such as sports, fashion, music and more. Primarily though, the list of top ten blogs in the world are gossip and celebrity news focused.
Blogs are ranked based on monthly traffic and visitors. Listed as the ones that are garnering world famous blogs status based on traffic are news and social site The Huffington Post, followed by gossip and celebrity news sites, TMZ. Also in the top 10 are business news site Business Insider, as well gadget hub Engadget. Another popular blog style, satirical and humorous “found” public opinions and posts also rank highly among world famous blogs or top ten blogs in the world. As it turns out, people like making fun of others, as well as watching celebrities and famous people fail, do and say outrageous things, and generally, have a good laugh at someone else’s expense. Essentially, the top ten blogs in the world vary by theme and subject matter, but one thing is for certain. The world loves reading what other people have to say. Think of the worlds most popular blogs as the world’s newest form of mass reading. We may not be reading the works of literary geniuses, but blogs have a way of igniting something in us like never before.

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