Top 10 World Famous Blogs

With all of the blogs available to be read all over the globe, it is hard to imagine picking out the most famous blogs in the world. The top ten blogs in the world are blogs that range from all topics from money, entertainment, news, comedy to electronics.

The worlds most popular blogs are followed by millions of people and read every single day. How did these blogs become world famous blogs? Large networking and time and dedication. Not each blog is the same however, so the tactics and strategies used to become one of the top ten blogs in the world differ between each one.

Also, since each blog is different with their format, content, voice, and style, their fan base varies from the next blog. The top ten blogs in the world prove that just from first looks. Some are clean cut, straight to the point, basic color scheme, while others are vibrant, in your face and grab your attention instantly. Some of these world famous blogs are written by a single author, or have co writers, or a whole team of writers. That is what helps contribute to making each blog unique. They are all different in their own way, but all come back to the basic idea that they are made for the readers to learn from, to enjoy, to inform, to keep them involved with what is going on. Being one of the top ten blogs in the world, they know what to do in order to be ranked so high.

What makes one of the top ten blogs in the world rank higher than the other? Numerous things. SEO strategies, content, writers, fan base , presentation, all of the different elements that help builds a blog, can also help tear it down. Depending on how the owner of the blog decides to have that particular blog ran and networked contributes to how successful it is. The more you advertise and bring in readers, the higher the ranking will be. But of course, they all already know that, being honored in the list of the top ten blogs in world.

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