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Video from This Old House discusses tips to upgrade an electrical meters.

What exactly is an electrical Meter?
An electric meter measures the energy consumed by your home. The meters are usually placed in the building’s back. While some are analog, newer models are digital and send info directly to the power company.

Are you able to upgrade your electrical Meter?
Normally, you shouldn’t upgrade the electrical meter. In order to understand the wires of your main electricity line, you’ll need the help of an electrician. Make sure you’ve got the knowledge and approval from your power provider.

The power is not on
It doesn’t matter if you’re conducting the upgrade by yourself or hiring an electrician to complete the task, the system must be switched off before you switch it on. This is essential in order to ensure that power does not become a problem. Additionally, this prevents you or the technician being electrocuted. Volts from the main power cable can lead to serious injury, burns, or even fatalities. 55mcfaknse.

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