Tips for Remodeling a Basement – Las Vegas Home

Lower ceilings limit the types of equipment installed in these areas.

Plan the Wall System

The contractor who is remodeling your basement could construct walls inside your basement to serve many reasons. In one instance, they are attractive to the eye. Walls permit electricians to connect electrical wires as well as provide parts to connect outlets. They don’t provide any benefit to structural design.

Studs made of steel aren’t prone to decay due to the moisture problems. Additionally, every stud is the ideal dimensions. Basements are also able to be constructed using foam insulation. Avoid fiberglass insulation because it may develop mold.

Develop an electrical Plan

Remodeling your basement will require the installation of electrical outlets in accordance with the electrical codes in force. If you have a basement bathroom, make sure that it is equipped with all the electrical outlets on the upper flooring. This includes circuits for support of the bathroom exhaust fan and lighting circuits as well as GFCI outlets.


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