Three Ways to Perfect Your Smile

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Sadly, years of coffee and red wine drinking are beginning to take their toll on the appearance of my teeth. Don’t get me wrong; I floss daily and brush and rinse at least twice a day. However, age, wear and tear, combined with the abrasiveness of the many foods and drinks that we put into our pie holes can wreak havoc over time.

So, if you’re like me (and the many other Americans who collectively shell out $1.4 billion each year to whiten their teeth), consider these options for perfecting your pearly whites and beautifying your smile.

  • Teeth Bleaching

  • Teeth bleaching procedures have grown in popularity in recent years. The proof is in your drugstore, too. There are literally dozens of over the counter, do it yourself teeth bleaching kits that are intended to transform your smile into perfection. Do yourself a favor, though: instead of bleaching teeth at home, enlist the services of one of your local dentists for tooth whitening. They have teeth bleaching gel whose effectiveness dwarfs the drugstore versions, and dentists do it right (meaning they won’t erode your enamel). In addition, teeth whitening prices, albeit not covered by dental insurance, are fairly reasonable.

  • Teeth in an Hour?

  • A new trend for the busy American is Eau Claire teeth in an hour. Eau Claire teeth in an hour is essentially a procedure involving computer aided drafting that enables your dentist to literally fabricate and implant dental crowns, at their offices, in a fraction of the typical time. There is one caveat, however. Considering that the technology can cost your dentist upwards of $100 thousand, Eau Claire teeth in an hour can be incredibly expensive. Then again, can you put a price tag on healthy teeth?

  • Straighten Yourself Out!

  • Another popular dental trend amongst adults is striving for straight teeth. Primarily a cosmetic and aesthetic decision, straightening teeth need not be tedious, labor intensive, and ugly. In lieu of the jagged wires that were commonplace in my middle school years, Eau Claire Invisalign is a viable option for adults seeking comfort and discretion. Invisalign aligners are clear (hence the discretion), and the process, albeit lengthy, involves inserting different trays as your teeth progress toward perfect alignment.

Have you tried any of the above mentioned procedures? If so, please feel free to share your experiences below! To see more, read this.

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