The Worlds Most Popular Blog

The worlds most popular blog is in China. This is not particularly surprising. It is the worlds largest country and it can carry political and social commentary which is relevant to an enormous number of people. According to the Daily Beast, it has over 500 million hits as of 2012. Becoming the worlds most popular blog is not something that everyone can do. After all, only one person or group of people can write the worlds most popular blog.

But there are numerous blogs which are among the most famous blogs in the world. One of these world famous blogs includes blogs like the My Little World blog which provides cooking recipes. It may not be among the top ten blogs in the world, but it is extremely popular. The world of wealth blog is also popular and probably one of the worlds most popular blogs.

The worlds most popular blog is growing and, after a blog begins to become popular, there is a snowball effect. People begin to post articles from it on their webpages or social media sites and this enables these site to increase their traffic exponentially. The worlds most popular blog is probably benefiting from this process right now.

The readership of the worlds most popular blog is probably going to continue to go upward as more and more people link its pages everywhere, but the readership is probably subject to diminishing returns, at least to some degree. Obviously, there will be some point at which it will reach its maximum readership when the number of computer owners who speak one particular language have all visited the site. In truth, it will probably top off before then.

But there are numerous methods that people can learn from the worlds most popular blog, such as back linking and following trends as well as other plans that can lead to increased search engine optimization.

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