The Stratosphere, Troposphere and the Blogosphere

You may never heard of many of the most famous blogs in the world. There are various reasons why you probably do not know the worlds most popular blogs. Many of them are not in English, even though a number of them are certain to be, since English is such a commonly spoken language. Nonetheless, the top ten blogs in the world are probably as likely to be in Mandarin as they are to be in English.

This is to say that the most popular blogs might not be world famous blogs. They might be nationally famous blogs. The reason for this is because the popularity of a blog is not just a matter of the language that it is located in. It is also a matter of the country that it is located in. People tend to select the blogs that are of interest to their particular nationality because they address trending topics within their own borders.

A world of wealth blog can be popular for this reason. For example, a world of wealth blog might provide information on people and decisions that they are making on Wall Street, or Capitol Hill or in the Silicon Valley, but this information might not be fully applicable beyond their borders. It is for this reason that the world of wealth blog will probably be an important source of information for people in one particular country, but it might not be as relevant or as applicable to people who are living or working elsewhere.

That being said, this is not necessarily going to remain the case. Because decisions in New York affect people in Mumbai and Beijing and London, and vice versa. The economies of these various communities is becoming extremely integrated, and it is for this reason that a world of wealth blog can greatly improve the economic knowledge of people wherever they happen to be. The world of wealth blog is not the only source of financial information for people in the world, but a world of wealth blog does not begin with the wood “world” for no reason.

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