The Importance of Safe API Tank Construction and API Tank Repair

Api tank construction

An atmospheric tank is a container for holding a liquid at atmospheric pressure. These tanks can be constructed above or below ground and are used for the storage of combustible and flammable liquids. The major design code of welded atmospheric tanks are API 650 and API 620 (API standing for the American Petroleum Institutue). API 653 codes are used for analysis of in service storage tanks. Api tank construction is a delicate and strictly regulated process. The liquids being stored in these tanks are potentially dangerous and have to be kept safe and pressurized. API tank repair is as equally important and not to be neglected for any damaged or worn atmospheric tank.

Above ground tank storage construction can be done on custom on site or transported in. API 650 tank construction is the most common welding code followed. Many Api tank repair companies are the same ones who are responsible for construction. Atmospheric tank companies often have separate teams solely dedicated to either construction or repairs. API tank construction can be done with double walls and to provide extra thickness and safety. A secondary containment can also be installed to provide a means to monitor the space between the inner and outer walls for any leakage. Any type of leakage would require immediate repairs, especially if the stored liquids are harmful. This is precisely why construction and maintenance are so important in the filed of atmospheric tanks.

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