The Importance of Employer Sponsored Childcare

Pa daycare

In 1991 Lancaster Laboratories began offering the very first PA childcare center at their corporate location. Ever since then, they’ve been featured on a regular basis in Working Mothers as one of the top 100 companies that help make it easier for women to go to work while having children. All of this is thanks to Hilderbrandt, which helps to open employer sponsored childcare within different companies today.

Currently Hildebrandt operates 41 corporate childcare centers and 2 PA daycare centers for adults. They are the pioneer whenever it comes to the intergenerational concept of caring for both young and the elderly in a corporate daycare setting.

Besides opening employer sponsored childcare centers, they’re also committed to providing both children and their families with nothing but the finest in early childhood education programs. All of the employer sponsored childcare in the workplace centers are fully accredited. So, parents can feel good about where their children are while they’re at work. Many businesses have found that this really does make a huge difference to them because their staff don’t have to miss as many days of work in order to take care of their children.

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