The Dell Server Racks Saves the IT Manager and the Company a Lot of Stress

Server enclosures

My company recently invested in a Dell server rack for our data center. Before even buying the Dell server rack, they had to have an additional wall built in the IT office to make a server room. This was important because I needed immediate access to it, and the server room has to have an external wall to help with temperature control. Then, we had to consider the server cabinet power requirements when selecting a server rack or cabinet, which is what led to our choice.

The Dell server rack, like any custom build server rack or computer cabinet, helps our company achieve not only the proper functionality for its IT system, but also design and aesthetic goals. This means that it is both formal and functional.

Now, our Dell server rack helps with any security issues. Our servers are a vital part of our business, as I finally got my supervisors to understand, and we need to protect them. At first they thought I meant by vandals or intruders or something out of a thriller novel, but the way we had them set up meant that there could have been a lot of accidents that could have put our site down for days.

By housing our servers in the Dell server racks, it makes my life as the IT manager a lot easier. Business runs smoother because of the reduced potential downtime. I no longer need to spend as much time trying to figure out why our web site crashed or what is going on with it, and then fix the problem.

If you are a company who is considering server cabinets or server racks, then I hope this article helped you. I would encourage everyone who owns a business that requires a server to get racks, even if they are used server racks. If you have any questions specifically about the Dell server rack that my company uses, feel free to ask in the comments!

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