The Best Marketing for Your Dental Practice

New patient marketing system

Running a dental practice can be a big challenge. You have an office to maintain, a full staff to oversee, and on top of that you have to ensure your customers get the best possible dental experience. It is your responsibility that they have a comfortable and easy experience. However, none of this matters without actual customers. As nice as it would be for people to just automatically appear in your waiting room every day, it requires a lot of work.

64 percent of people in this country find new products and services through search engines these days and 58 percent have done extensive research on what they are looking for online. They also tend not to look past the first page of their results. This means in order to bring new dental patients into your office these days you need an effective dental marketing system. Having a strong web presence that conveys who you are all the way through is quite possibly the best thing you can do for your practice.

The first thing you need is strong dental website design. It pays to get someone who knows what they are doing to put together a unique and convenient site that accurately projects your unique flavor of dental care. Having this professionally done will help you achieve higher rankings in the search results, but there is still more you can do. Search engine optimization, or SEO, incorporates common search terms associated with the services you offer into blogs and articles that, when posted to your new professional website, actively move you toward the top of the results. In fact, businesses that post blogs receive 55 percent traffic to their sites. This means more butts in your chair.

In order to run a successful dental office, you need patients. While there are countless potential patients out there, they will have no idea what kind of great service they will get form you unless they see it on Google. This is why it is necessary in the modern age to have a successful dental marketing system, with a combination of a professionally built website and a consistently updated blog.

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  1. I found my current dentist online. I had moved to a new town and needed some work done so I looked at the different options on google and found one that seemed like the right fit. Ive been going for 2 years now.

  2. I hired a web designer for my practice and the site looks great. Everything is conveniently laid out and our customers love it because they can book appointments online.

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