The Benefits of Corporate Housing Companies

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As business attempted to cut back on expensive during the “Great Recession” of 2012, the quickest way to save money was to cut loose non-essential employees. Still, even the so called “non-essential” employees still had substantial value to the companies from which they were laid off. It was just that many such employees’ careers were destroyed because they were not needed all the time.

In order to make up for employees who were let go, but were still missed from time to time, many businesses have attempted to assuage this temporary, or “once in a while” need, by creating “casual employee” positions. Basically, casual employees were part-time employees who worked at least full-time hours in two to six week increments. Since these casual employees were more like contractors, they might even work several months at a time, and be the equivalent of laid off until their services are needed a few weeks, or months, later.

Often times, casual employees are required to travel, which makes it necessary for them or their employers to secure some type of corporate temporary housing. Although said short term rentals do not need to be prefered corporate housing, most of them consist of furnished rentals. On the other hand, when companies executives involved, it is very likely that the company will work with a premier corporate housing firm to reserve the best luxury corporate housing that is available.

When it comes to prefered corporate housing
, the number of options and amenities can vary considerably. For instance, some corporate housing consists of decent furnished apartments for rent that are nothing fancy. On the other hand, some prefered corporate housing includes workout room, tennis courts, swimming pools, washers and dryers, and more. Obviously, choices such as the latter are more expensive, but it will be on the employer’s tab anyway.

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  1. I can’t believe it’s been two years since I thought that I would be doing the corporate housing thing but I ended up tanking the second interview. I wasn’t confident and the guy could see that. He was very intimidating.

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