The Benefits of Buying Jackson Hole Real Estate

Jackson hole property

Jackson Hole real estate for sale is available all over the Jackson Hole area here in Wyoming. If you are patient, you can find Jackson Hole real estate for sale near the Rocky Mountain ski resort. If you are a skier you know this is the lowest base ski resort as it sits at the 6,311 foot elevation. If you want to go skiing at a higher elevation you can go to the Grand Teton ski resort. Wyoming is a gorgeous state. There are 7 national parks in Wyoming. Altogether, there were 5,982,465 visitors to the parks here in 2011. The tiny town of Jackson WY, which often gets confused with Jackson Hole Wyoming, had a population of only 9,710 people. Jackson is the major town in the Jackson Hole Valley too.

All of these statistics mean that starting up a business in Jackson or in one of the other towns in the Jackson Hole Valley, could be a good idea. If that is your goal, you should look for Jackson Hole commercial real estate. Just let your Jackson Hole realtors know why you are looking for Jackson Hole real estate for sale. Jackson Hole real estate offices are happy to keep prospective buyers informed anytime new property goes on the market. If you give your email address to a Jackson wyoming real estate office they can keep you updated each time they have a new listing for Jackson hole real estate for sale.

Businesses who move into the area do not have to pay a corporate income tax. There is also no personal income tax in Wyoming. The use tax base rate if 4 percent and the county where you buy property has the option of charging a 2 percent tax. Wyoming is considered a business friendly state. There are low energy costs and you have the benefit of being able to hire a well educated workforce. Why not look for Jackson hole homes for sale right now?

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