Solving Complex Business Challenges Through Cloud Based Application Development

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Since the end of 2012, at least 80 percent of all new business and commercial applications are created and distributed strictly in the cloud. Application development in the cloud has created an extremely flexible and scalable approach to complex business challenges while streamlining business technology consulting without the need for onsite enterprise software.

Custom web application development has transformed to align closely with the uptick of mobile device usage putting mobile application development companies in the sweet spot for ease of deployment and scalability. In terms of user device deployment, Android market share has surpassed the iPhone with 46.9 percent versus 28.7 percent market share. Everyone from business intelligence consultants, mobile app development companies, and a host of other consultants tout the ease of using and deploying cloud based solutions since users only require an internet device and log in authorization.

Application software development can also supplement local, onsite infrastructure with a hybrid cloud solution using IaaS, PaaS or SaaS in instances where preexisting software must be part of a custom application solution. For example, sharepoint application development can leverage an enterprise application and still allow mobile deployment based on end user needs. Individual, enterprise level application development is now achieved swiftly and feasibly through cloud and mobile based technology. Good references here.

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