Should You Work With Executive Recruiting Firms?

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Did you know that for a sales team, the average turnover rate is 40 percent each year? Holding on to longterm sales reps is thus a difficult prospect for many companies. That is why it is a good idea to work with executive recruiting firms that employ sales and marketing headhunters to vet prospective employees for sales and recruiting jobs.

Because the vast majority of the job a sales rep does is dependent upon effective verbal and written communication skills, it is essential that a sales person be a good communicator. When filling sales and recruiting jobs, headhunters at executive recruiting firms know just what to look for on the resume of a candidate as well as during a live interview. Having successfully placed many salespeople in jobs that they excelled at, sales headhunters at executive recruiting firms rely on an almost sixth sense to hire sales reps. This finely tuned intuition can be a great asset.

Approximately 80 percent of non routine sales take place only after the buyer has been contacted at least five times. Thus, sales and recruiting jobs are best filled by people who have a great deal of tenacity. This quality of tenacity is something that good headhunters working for executive recruiting firms can tease out when interviewing candidates for prospective sales and recruiting jobs.

Should your business plan to use any type of contact management software, those working in sales and recruiting jobs must have excellent technical skills, especially because many of them have to do their own presentations. Headhunters working at executive recruiting firms test for fluency in these computer skills using a variety of different metrics. One of these metrics used by executive recruiting firms is a timed computer test that can illustrate how capable a prospective salesperson will be at a given computer program. This is good information to have when you are hiring, and another reason you should work with executive recruiting firms.

Of course, certain intangible qualities also play a role in how effective a person will be doing sales and recruiting jobs. Headhunters have the ability to size up whether a candidate has the charisma, adaptability, confidence, and enthusiasm necessary to excel at sales and recruiting jobs. This is another reason that working with a headhunter might be a great step for your organization. This is a great source for more:

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