Reglazing a Bathtub – Blogging Information

It is common for scratches to appear as a result of corrosion. A bathtub restoration firm can reglaze the bathtub via the YouTube video “Reglazing Transformation, Reglazing and an old Bathtub”.

First, temporarily unscrew the tub from its walls. Use a putty knife to remove any caulk or debris in the tub’s hole. Clean any stubborn stains with bleach, then wash the entire surface with an abrasive cleaning agent. Thoroughly rinse with fresh water. Cover the floor and walls around the tub with drop cloths or painter’s tape. The epoxy coating can be hard to get rid of, be cautious of drops and spills.

Etching powder can be used to dull the finish to ensure that the fresh coating will adhere. Use sandpaper next to scrub the tub. Sanding is essential if you do not have an etching paste. Clean the tub well and then dry it using an absorbent towel.

Finally, add the epoxy coating onto the surface. You can alternate between vertical and horizontal surfaces. After that, apply the caulk again. The bathroom reglazing is done.


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