Portable Scanners Are Excellent For Busy Travelers

Mac scanner

Digital filing can make the consolidation of receipts, business cards, and other paperwork much less stressful. If you have the need for a business card reader or any other kind of digital filing system it is imperative that you find a knowledgeable provider. With good laptop scanners you can more effectively convert data into a digital format.

The International Data Corporation reports that 95 percent of business information today is on paper and that an average worker prints out 45 sheets of paper every day. A business card scanner will allow you to store contact information for customers and vendors so that it is less difficult for you to access this when you need to. Estimates show that knowledge workers spend between 15 percent and 30 percent of their time trying to locate information they need. Look for portable scanners so that you will be able to make sure your information is in a place that is easier for you to access.

Many portable scanners utilize the cloud for data storage. Gartner reports that in the year 2013 the cloud computing market will be valued at $150B. Portable scanners will make it less difficult for you to utilize the cloud so that you can share information when you are away from the office. A study of 882 companies by AIIM, a content management association, showed that most businesses think paper documents are still necessary. Scanners can help you be sure that you can turn paper data into digital information whenever you need to.

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