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Breast augmentation tampa fl

There are approximately 96,000 women who went through a mastectomy and then had breast implant surgery done in 2011. Many of these were done by a plastic surgeon Tampa. Breast augmentation Tampa is also a common surgeon performed by plastic surgeons in tampa FL. Women have always been concerned with their bra size. The first bras were not patented until 1914. Before that women were wearing corsets, which women wore until the first world war. At that time women were asked to give up corsets by the War Industries Board so they could use the metal for the war effort.

Today bras are worn worldwide. In fact, the women of the world spend about $16 billion a year on bras. Women are also going in by the droves to get Tampa breast augmentation. Breast implants tampa FL is one of the most sought after elective surgeries. Because most of the time women go to a plastic surgeon Tampa for elective surgeries the procedures and expenses are not covered by insurance plans. Financing is usually available for women who choose to go that route to pay their plastic surgeon tampa.

Breast augmentation requires the use of silicone gel implants. The “gummy bear implants” are the ones that are made by Sientra and they are made of high strength silicone gel. The FDA approved them after an 8 year clinical trial was done concerning their safe use. A plastic surgeon Tampa has two other types of silicone implants they can use that have been approved of by the FDA too.

Before going to a plastic surgeon Tampa, there are a few things to keep in mind. For one, you should look for a plastic surgeon Tampa that is licensed and certified to perform these kinds of medical procedures. You should also look for a plastic surgeon Tampa that is successful in performing breast augmentation. Women who want to decrease their bra size can also go to a plastic surgeon Tampa for breast reduction surgery. Breast lifts are also an option to consider as well.

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