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Irs back taxes help

As of July 15, 2006, the IRS made changes to the Offer in Compromise, or OIC, program requiring that, in the case of a cash offer, an up front 20 percent , non refundable payment and $150 has to be submitted along with the Offer of Compromise. In the U.S. the OIC program is an IRS program that allows qualified individuals with unpaid tax debt to negotiate a settled amount lower than the total owed in order to clear the debt. Though the OIC program can be useful, individuals might need to seek help with back taxes when using it. The rules and regulations can be complex and overwhelming for anyone without experience, so finding some sort of help with back taxes is a good idea.

Individuals who file an Offer based on a theory as to doubt as to liability, or DATL, will need to prove that they have not otherwise has the opportunity to dispute a tax liability. Doing so can be complex, so locating help with back taxes can be a great way for a taxpayer to make sure that they take the proper steps. For many, the best form of back taxes help will come from a tax professional or attorney. Because of their skills and experience, a professional can provide the help with back taxes anyone might need to clear their debts and avoid harsh penalties.

Although getting professional help with back taxes can be very useful, many will find that they do not have the money or desire to invest in attorneys or tax professionals. If that is the case, doing some research on how to achieve IRS debt relief on their own is a great way for individuals to find help with back taxes. Heading to the local library to read books that explain many tax policies or simply using the internet to do so can be a very worthwhile process.

Many individuals who seek help with back taxes will do so in order to stop wage garnishment or other tax penalties that arise when debts are owed. Garnishments that are served on an employer will be taken as part of the payroll process, which can be greatly inconvenient. Luckily, most will have time to try to find help with back taxes when faced with IRS garnishments because, before garnishing wages, the IRS must provide notice and the opportunity to make payment arrangements.

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