No Ones Kissing a Mouth with Dark Gums!

Dark gums treatment

Eeeewwwwww! No one wants to have dark gums, or how about uneven gums? and although it sounds disgusting, sometimes it happens. The leading cause of dark gums is going to sound completely hopeless, because of something called hyperpigmentation, which is the cause of darkened gums, is simply genetics. People that suffer from this unlucky genetic trait often seek help from dentists and other medical professionals to get gum bleaching treatments, gum pigmentation removal, and other dark gums treatment that is offered.

People that notice any type of gum discoloration, see that your mouth has uneven gums, or other changes in any colors with the parts in their mouth should seek immediate examination by a dentist or a physician. This is because if you happen to notice a change of any kind, then you most likely do not suffer from a genetic trait, this may be the start of one of the many gum or mouth diseases out there.

Also, do not think just because you brush your teeth, and you do not use any tobacco products that you are at no risk of gum disease, it does not work like that! There are more factors that come into play that could affect the healthiness of your mouth, just ask half of America… Yup, I said it! About 50% of American adults suffer from some type of gum disease, and for another little side note, this 50% of people are also twice as likely to have heart problems because of their gum diseases!

If you are lucky, and you do not exactly have a dangerous gum disease, but you are just struggling with dark gums, there is hope out there! So do not get down just yet, There is a new more promising approach to gum pigmentation treatments. There are dentists out there that are now using Opus Dent technology as a solution to your dark gums issue. This is a type of laser removal, and although that sounds scary, there is nothing to worry about. It has actually been said to less evasive and nearly painless, and can actually be adjusted to fit your comfort level and pain tolerance. You do not have to worry about that excess melanin build up in the gums anymore, making them look brown or black instead of pink! There is a better solution out there now!

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  1. Wow. I sadly suffer from dark gums… that’s kind of embarrassing to say lol. But Anyway I never knew about this treatment, I honestly didnt even really know much about bleaching gums before I read this! I may have to look into the laser removal

  2. If dark gums are a genetic trait, then how can you tell if you suffer from the trait or if you have a disease of some sort? that sucks not knowing. Any suggestions?

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