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According to the United States Census Bureau, Rochester, New York had a population of over 200,000 people in 2012. These are people who are all interested in what is happening across the world. However, like most of us, they are also very concerned with what is happening in their local area. If you are one of many Flower City residents looking for more local news coverage, turn off the 24-hour news channels and tune in to Rochester NY channel 13.

  1. Local Sports Coverage
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    Rochester is home to a variety of sports teams. We have the Rochester Amerks for hockey, the Rhinos for soccer, and the Red Wings for baseball. You can guarantee that the big 24-hour news stations, MSNBC, etc., are not running coverage of our local sports heroes. Rochester channel 13, on the other hand, makes a point to give you the best coverage on your favorite teams as they make their way through the season.

    Rochester’s St. John Fisher College has played host to the Buffalo Bills training camp for years now. If you are a fan of the National Football League and love your Buffalo Bills, Rochester NY channel 13 has the coverage for you. They interview players, coaches, and fans to give you a feel for the energy leading into the new season.

  3. Rochester Breaking News
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    According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, Rochester has an unemployment rate of seven percent. That number equals about 37,000 people. When huge stories affecting the livelihood of Rochester’s citizens happen, who do you think covers it? When Kodak’s plant doors closed in May of 2012, channel 13 Rochester was on the case to let you know all that was happening.

    Other breaking local news stories, like the crash of the Cal-Mum Five in Wheatland, are also covered with respect and integrity. Channel 13 is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality Rochester NY local news each and everyday. The coverage may not always be happy, but it will always be accurate.

  5. Local Entertainment News
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    The Flower City has a vibrant entertainment scene. The Auditorium Theater and Eastman Theatre host wonderful plays, orchestral shows, and musical theater performances year round. The summer’s popular Party in the Park brings in food and music fans from all over Western New York. Rochester ny channel 13 makes sure to cover the events so that residents and visitors can stay current on what is happening. After all, nobody wants to miss their favorite jazz group playing at the famous Lilac Festival.

If you are looking for all-encompassing coverage of Flour City news, then tune in to Rochester NY channel 13. They cover sports, breaking news, entertainment, and any other story that affects the residents of the Greater Rochester Area. By offering local news coverage and popular television programming from ABC, the company is leaps and bounds ahead of national channels.

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