How to Write Content Like the World’s Most Popular Blogs

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According to, there are approximately 31 million bloggers in the United States. Their topics range from food to medicine, from politics to science. The one thing they all have in common, presumably, is their wish for their content to be seen. After all, why else put their content online where more than 2 billion people, according to Internet World Stats, come everyday for all of their needs?

Of course, with the sheer volume of blogs on the web, it is increasingly difficult to stand out. What is it that the worlds most popular blogs do better than others? The answer is content. As InboundWriter shows, focusing on the quality of your content, just as world famous blogs do, can generate 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links. Marketing Sherpa provides further evidence for the importance of content, generating 2,000% increased traffic over 12 months by improving their content.

The sad fact is that 99.99% of bloggers will never have world famous blogs; they likely will not be in the top ten blogs in the world. However, by taking a page from the most famous blogs in the world, you can certainly make a respectable go of it.

It Starts with Your Blog Title%3Cbr%3E
Your title is unarguably the most important part of branding your blog. After all, when your posts change title and tone, it is the blog title that remains the same, defining what you represent. According to the Content Marketing Institute, the two most important rules of crafting your titles are taking your time and being truthful. Make sure your title sounds the best it can. Be willing to spend some extra time on your title to draw more people in. Secondly, make sure your great sounding title offers an honest representation of your content, or risk alienating your readers.

Optimize Everything%3Cbr%3E
Social Media Examiner recommends all web content publishers take the extra time to optimize every little bit of content on their blog. Fill in your meta-data tags. Give your posts well thought out, extremely interesting search descriptions full of keywords. This is one way world famous blogs get noticed in search engines.

The More You Write, the Better You’ll Get%3Cbr%3E
A lot of bloggers are horrible writers when they first start out. However, as Search Engine Journal points out, you are never going to get any better at writing unless you keep on writing. Your improvement can actually be a draw for many potential readers. Take web comics for example. Sometimes the art isn’t great, and sometimes the writing is awful. However, the fans that stick with you as you improve are going to be loyal for life.

What is Your Voice?%3Cbr%3E points out that your particular voice, what they call a world view, is the most important part of being a blogger. By knowing what you stand for, your likes and your dislikes, you shape an image of yourself. More often than not, the character you come to represent for readers is what will keep them reading.

World famous blogs get their status from practicing these methods each and every day. If you’re willing to do the same, you, too, have a shot at blogger fame. Just remember, nothing worth having ever came easily.

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