How to Use SEO and Mobile Marketing Effectively

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In the online marketing world, it is all about SEO, social media and great web design. Plenty of articles and blog posts are written on these same subjects every single day. But why is the world of SEO such an extensively covered topic? SEO and its fellow online cohorts tend to encapsulate everything there is to know about the digital age. Here are five reasons how they do it:

1. What does SEO do?

SEO, or search engine optimization for long, is a way for a website to increase its visibility, particularly in the realm of search engines. Every site creates content. But the more focused you are on what that content actually is and how that content can be found, the easier you make it for yourself. SEO aims to get your site ranked highly in the search listings, especially those that appear when using Google.

2. Smartphones and tablets and mobiles, oh my!

Yes, in 2013, it seems that everyone has gone mobile. You can carry around the entire Internet right in your pocket, which makes it easy to multitask and get the answers you want exactly when you want them. Data shows that 64 percent of smartphone owners use it to make purchases online, and that is not all. Tablet users also tend to venture into eCommerce on their devices as well.

3. The virtual shopping mall

What does all this digital shopping mean for the retail industry? Great things, as it turns out. Online sales are expected to make up about 9 percent of all retails sales by 2016, and that percentage currently stands at 7. Plus, the dollar amount of sales generated by eCommerce alone in 2011 reached $200 billion.

4. Stay social, stay connected

In the old days, you would buy a pair of shoes and show them off to all your friends the next time you saw them. Now, you can buy the shoes and immediately share a photo of them to your social media accounts, allowing for maximum instant gratification. It is not just teens and young people on this train, either. Studies show that 90 percent of adults online are avid social media users as well.

So, what is the takeaway here? What does all this mean for us, the loyal masses of the digital age? As daily routines and processes become even easier, so, too, do our lives. Might as well enjoy the ride!

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