How to Become One of The Most Famous Blogs in the World

It is no secret that the use of blogs as a marketing and search engine optimization strategy has begun to gain some traction in the last few years. While originally used as a virtual soapbox, blogs have begun to make the transition from digital past time to a recognized marketing tool.

While there is no exact science to writing an effective blog post, and becoming one of the most famous blogs in the world, there are a few tips and tools of blog writing that will keep readers intrigued and regularly reading.

First, have something to say! World famous blogs, including the top ten blogs in the world always have something to say. While we all appreciate a good rant, be sure to have a clear reason for your posts. Choose topics wisely, be informative in the information you are giving, and get to the point. If it takes the entire blog post to get to your point, people are less likely to want to continue reading.

If you want to become one of the most famous blogs in the world, choose simple words and write short sentences. Since the Internet has such a wide variety of users, and blogs ranging from my little world blog, to the “world of wealth blog” it is impossible to know exactly who will be reading your post. While it is unlikely a high school cheerleader will be reading your technical jargon blog post, it is still important to use words that everyone can understand. This helps you to increase your readership and does not alienate people from enjoying your post.

Finally, be a good sport! Meaning, people will have both negative and positive comments to say. While most readers want nothing but the best for us, you will eventually face people with negative or opposing opinions. This is a part of the discussion process, so do not become discouraged. Even the most famous blogs in the world receive criticism. In fact, an important part of blogging is generating conversation, so it comes with the territory. The more people are talking about your blog, the better.

While there is no exact science to being worlds most popular blog, be informed, write clearly, and welcome adversity. These will be the key to a successful blog you can be proud of, and will have you on your way to becoming one of the most famous blogs in the world.

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