How Cementing Companies Operate Throughout the Manufacturing Process – Cleveland Internships

dry, screen and analyze chemically. They are primarily composed of clays and limestone. Additional components may include iron ore, dolomite, and the products of oil wells, natural gas wells, and coal mines.

Once cementing companies extract the products, they then feed the material into crushers. The crushers break down the materials into various sizes needed to proceed with manufacturing. Then, the product is put into the kiln. The next stage is to heat the minerals with very high temperatures so that they can create different kinds of lime or clay.

The cement companies then grind the stone using massive wheels to reduce the particle size further. This results in a fine powder known in the industry as crushed stone. For the various grades of cement, the crushed stone is in a process of heating at very extreme temperatures and speeds via roasting or fire. Many grades of cement can be made by the clinker grades. The cement companies can create the various grades by mixing the right proportions of sand and water under pressure. This results in a concrete mix that sets upon encounter with water.


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