How Bloomberg Philanthropies Is Making Roads in the U.S. and Europe Safer With Beautiful Asphalt Art – Art In The News

The stunning asphalt grant will provide the opportunity for the recipients to use consulting services provided by Bloomberg Associates and AMAT (City of Milan’s Agency for Mobility, Environment, and Territory). Click on the link to download the application form and guidelines for selecting the appropriate city.

The expansion to Europe follows on from the two grant rounds that were granted for grants in Europe and the U.S. and Europe between 2020 and 2021. Within the United States, a total of 45 asphalt art projects covering 41 cities were completed In Europe three cities participated in the asphalt art pilot program including Amsterdam (Netherlands), Glasgow (Scotland), and London (England).

In Amsterdam the monumental artwork was created by the SAMA (Street Art Museum Amsterdam) that included pavements, benches, and planters. It was called ‘Surround Sound”,’ it’s the biggest work of art created by the SAMA that spans 90,000 square feet. It changed the appearance of an open-air fair, Markt Plein 40-45, and changed perceptions regarding the market’s surrounding area while satisfying locals.

In Glasgow the project was named ‘Water Works which was completed at the end of November 2021 in time with the COP26 Summit held in the same month. The project features a large ground mural as well as rain gardens, which work in conjunction to Anderston’s station’s entrance. The project was designed by the Scottish-born artist Gabriella Marcella. The project was inspired by challenges of the environment, like excessive rain that Glasgow residents face. Its goal is to improve the flow of cyclists and pedestrians in the city.

In London the initiative was called ‘Bring London Together’ and was a collaboration between London-based artist Yinka Ilori and art students from the London University of Arts. The design was created at 12 intersections as well as a pedestrian plaza at the centre of the city.

What is the beauty of the asphalt Art from Bloomberg Philanthropies Helping to Make cities both in Europe and the United States and Europe Safe? By ozqchmgpho.

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