Head Out to Rochester for Thrilling Festivals and One of a Kind Cocktails

Man shot in rochester ny

Did you know that, within the last year, Hollywood shot scenes for the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2, the Oak Hill Country Club hosted the 95th PGA Championship, and President Obama stopped by Magnolia’s Deli and Cafe to discuss tuition and higher education costs? What do all of these things have in common? All of these events took place in Rochester, NY. These events make it clear: Rochester is getting a lot of international acclaim. What then, does the city have to offer potential residents?

Exciting Festivals

The New York Times dubbed Rochester’s annual Jazz Festival one of the top four in the country, along with big-shot cities such as New York City, San Francisco, and New Port. The recent June 2013 festival welcomed artists and musicians from 17 separate countries, including the United States, attracted a record-breaking number of attendees, and even hosted as many as 81 free shows, the first being sponsored by iconic supermarket Wegmans. Next year’s Jazz Festival will take place from June 20-28, 2014.

One of the best things about Rochester festivals, however, is the variety that they offer. Rochester music festivals, such as the Jazz Festival and the East End Music festivals, are just a few of the region’s annual events. Rochester also hosts the Lilac Festival, featuring live music, food stands, and lilac bouquets and bushes available for purchase. Other annual festivals include the Big Rib and BBQ Blues Fest, offering locals and tourists hundreds of varieties of ribs, pulled pork, BBQ, beef brisket, and more, and the Park Ave Summer Art Fest, with artists showcasing, and often selling, their work.

A Unique Night Out on the Town

Does the term “mixology” mean anything to you? Most restaurant, pub, and bar owners will tell you that mixology involves the art of creating cocktails. Local restaurants and bars are working to elevate the class and taste of standard cocktails. In fact, according to the Democrat and Chronicle, “Several Rochester bars and restaurants have meandered into a new age of cocktails.” These new age cocktails incorporate unique ingredients, such as rose water, flowers, local honey, maple syrup, herbs, and fresh cider and fruit juices. One such cocktail from the restaurant Good Luck, for example, is dubbed the Lunch Box. The Lunch Box features grape juice, frozen, chopped up peanut butter, and chilled brandy.

Rochester, NY continues to attract people from all over the country. Consider calling Rochester home, and enjoy its many annual festivals and unique night-life. Find out more about this topic here.

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