Have You Ever Been Camping? Here are Four Reasons that You Should Give it a Shot Even if You Have Young Children?

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In our increasingly technology aware culture, the popularity of camping is actually increasing. Three million more American went camping in 2012 then they did in 2010. If you are on the fence about taking the camping plunge, here are some facts that you get you excited to take your family camping like many people have been doing for generations.

1. According to the American Camp Association, close to three quarters of those who have gone camping recently have tried activities while camping that they were afraid to do at first. It stands to reason that the act of camping is one of them. If you are nervous about tent camping why not try cabin camping or Rv camping? You can get all the benefits of being closer to nature and trying new things without the added difficulty of using a tent for the first time.

2. Camping can help you children to learn respect for nature. Since all camp grounds have carry in carry out rules, family camping will help your kids learn the importance of respecting the land they are using. This is particularly important to teach children early in our ever changing environment.

3. However, before you decide to embark on a camping trip with your young children, try having a trial campout in the backyard so that they are able to become comfortable with the tent and the idea of sleeping outdoors. Then the best thing to do is find a park near home to camp in in case the kids are too scared to handle it. This way you will not have a long drive if things go poorly. There are many campground directorys online to help you find a place close to home. You can also try finding cabin rentals near your home as another way to slowly get your children excited about camping.

4. Plus, if you cook at home with your children, campfire cooking, when safely and closely supervised of course, can be a great deal of fun for children and an incredible learning experience for everyone.

Whether you are planning a romantic camping trip or trying family camping for the first time, get excited about an adventure that millions of people across the country are already taking part in every year.

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  1. my dad likes to say that he never took us camping as kids because he loves up. I went with my boyfriend recently and I have to agree with my dad. I like nature and hiking and stuff, but I like sleeping in a bed.

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