Go Green With a Latex Mattress Today

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I remember watching Rugrats as a kid, and seeing the mattress of Grandpa had person shaped crater in it. I used to think that that was impossible, because, well, it was a cartoon. But then I noticed that my own mattress started to take the shape of the position that I slept in every night.

No more cues needed. It was time to get a new mattress. What I really liked was a latex mattress. I am a really green person, so I wanted something that was good for the earth. Something like an organic bed, because I already had organic sheets, organic linens, an organic blanket, you know, pretty much organic everything.

It was a bit tougher to find the perfect latex mattres, I will admit that. However, each time I tried a latex mattress in a showroom, I loved it. Eventually I just bit the bullet, ordered one, and now, my latex mattress minimizes the areas of my back where I am always really stressed and knotted over and my latex mattress provides relief and a bit of prevention for my aches and pains, like my back.

Has anyone else ever tried a latex mattress? Do you Have similar expectations? What was your latex mattress experience like? Read more here: www.cozypure.com

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