Give A Loved One The Perfect quirky gifts

Rock engraving

Sometimes the occasion calls for a very special gift. An anniversary, for example, might be celebrated with a diamond necklace. A high schooler graduating from high school might get a new car as a present. However, there are some occasions that require a quirky gifts that is out of the norm, and fortunately there are plenty of these kinds of gifts available.

One of the most common quirky gifts are custom engraved stones. Petroglyphs, or engravings or carvings made on stone, are commonly associated with prehistoric times. They are one of the earliest forms of communication. Today, sand blasting and abrasive blasting are the most common ways of engraving and lettering on most modern cemetery monuments or markers.

Not everyone will think that engraved stones make the right kind of quirky gifts, but for some the might be just the thing. While these stones can be purely decorative, they can also serve the additional purpose of being a paperweight or doorstopper. These special stones can serve as anniversary stones and can be especially great for someone interested in the field of geology. Geology is the study of rocks and rock formation and is quite important because it can provide clues to the past and also help understand the world today better.

For those not into rock engraving, there are plenty of other quirky gifts ideas. Some might like garden art. There are many garden art ideas that might appeal to those who own their own home. Many people like little things to help spruce up their lawn or garden, such as little garden gnomes to put among the flowers and vegetables. Others favor lawn art that borders on the kitsch. The trick is to understand the person receiving the gift and to try and match the gift to their unique personality.

Sometimes the best quirky gifts is actually quite silly. One of the most infamous gag gifts is the Pet Rock, literally just a rock. While those getting the Pet Rock might have been a little surprised to receive a piece of stone as a gift, do not tell that to the Pet Rock inventor. Gary Dahl, who came up with the brilliant idea of selling people rocks, grossed almost $2 million from his gag gift. Just like comedy, the idea behind getting someone a silly gift is to simply know the audience in question and tailor the gift to their desires.

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