Get Protected With The Best BES Policy

Bes security policy

Protecting your information from others parties that could use your information in a wrongful manner is important when you are using mobile devices. A Bes security policy for a Blackberry mobile device can help secure your information so that you and your identity are secure.

About a third of employees that use their personal mobile device for work say that their company’s data is not secure. As of December 2012 there are around 77 million QWERTY keyboard touting Blackberrys users around the global, and a lot of Blackberry users that use their phones for business. In fact, organizational tools are used by 91 percent of Blackberry users as opposed to the 65 percent of Smartphone users. When using your device at work, it needs additional security that can be implemented easily using a third party MDM software provider.

It is important to protect your identity through mobile device management services with a Bes policy so that you can comfortably use your mobile device or tablet. Blackberry mobile device management solutions provide mobile device security that you can customize that will help to protect your device and company information while you are at work.

Corporations have to have extra tools to secure and manage company data on these new phones, like the Blackberry 10. Mobile device management systems that have a Bes policy in place allow corporations to monitor who is accessing what data and can remotely erase corporate data if someone loses their Blackberry. Other services offered by mobile device management services include gathering inventory information, setting password policies, managing installed applications and more. Learn more about BES policy options today.

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