Fresh Salsa Calories are Low

Salsa calories

Everyone loves the spicy and flair that fresh salsa can add to a dish. We all love serving pico de gallo salsa dips and chips at a party or just because. But not to many of us give much thought to the fresh salsa calories that we may be consuming. So, just what is salsa and do fresh salsa calories need to cause concern.

Traditionally, salsa is a combination of tomatoes, onions, and spices. Some recipes, include southwestern salsa recipes will include chili papers including jalapenos or serranos. Because salsa is usually made with fresh, raw ingredients the fresh salsa calories are low. For a two tablespoon serving, the fresh salsa calories can range from 4 to 10 calories. Pretty good numbers, especially for those of us who are counting those calories for our diets.

Because fresh salsa calories are so low, you can often use salsa as a substitute for other higher calorie foods. For example, you might want to substitute those high fat salad dressings with fresh salsa calories. This is especially tasty if you are serving Mexican or Southwestern dishes.

Those low fresh salsa calories can be used instead of those heavy vegetable dips. Imagine dipping those crispy vegetables into a classic mild salsa dip for extra zing. Recipes using salsa can also be low in calories. Because of the low fresh salsa calories, even if you make a queso or cheese dip with salsa, you will probably still have a low calorie snack, especially if you use cheese that is also low in calories and fat content.

How about using fresh salsa calories as a substitute for pasta sauce? You can add a Mexican flair to your next pasta meal and may even be creating the next family favorite. You can even use it as a pizza topping and create a Mexican style pizza. Add it to the meatloaf to elevate the flavor and spiciness. Of course, use a drizzle over the top of that meatloaf as well.

As you can see, you will love the low fresh salsa calories, as well as the myriad ways you can use salsa.
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