Four Secrets to Beautiful Eye Makeup

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With so many types of eye makeup out there, finding out the best look for your lids can be daunting. From choosing the right eyeshadow colors to learning how to apply them, there is much to consider. Here, we’ll offer a few professional makeup tips that will help you sort through the process.

Applying Eyeshadow

There’s a simple four-step process that will never lead you wrong. Play it up for evening, tame it down for daytime, and make it your own. Regardless, stick with these four steps for a complete look.

  1. Eye makeup primer. It keeps your color from smudging or travelling.
  2. Neutral base. Apply this color to your lids using a brush.
  3. Crease color. Highlight your crease with a color slightly darker than the one on your lids.
  4. Highlighter. Apply a lighter, shimmery color to your brown bones.

Choosing Colors

The number one factor to consider when choosing eyeshadow colors is your eye color. To make your eyes pop, use colors that contrast with them on your lids. Blues look great with golds and browns; greens do well with pinks and browns; browns are highlighted by blues, greens, and jewel tones; taupe and lavender look great on all eye colors.

The Right Formula

Powder eye shadows are the most popular. Pressed powder eye shadows are the ones most people are used to, and they’re generally considered the easiest to apply. Loose powder shadows are also quite popular and can provide a more vibrant color, especially when they’re applied wet. If you aren’t a fan of powder eye shadows, you can try a cream, though they can be quite tricky to apply well.

Use the Best Tools

The free foam applicators that come with your powder eye shadow belong in one place: the trash. To really apply eye shadow well, you’ll need brushes. A medium-sized one is perfect for your neutral color and the crease, a small blending brush will work for your highlighter color, and an angled brush should be used if you’re applying eyeshadow as a liner.

Eye makeup is the last thing you should apply during your morning makeup routine, and I personally believe that it’s the hardest type of makeup to apply. With a little practice and a few good tips, it shouldn’t be too difficult to make your eyes pop. Anyone can rub on some eye makeup, but it takes a practiced hand to apply it well. Get more on this here.

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