Fathers’ Rights Group Targets Kate Winslet; Stirs Up Custody Controversy

What is a uncontested divorce

Oscar-winning actress Kate Winlset may take legal action against fathers’ rights group Fathers4Justice, according to The Daily Mail. The fathers’ rights advocates planned to publish advertisements featuring the actress’ picture with the caption, “Kate, Every Child Deserves Their Father This Christmas.” The advertisement responds to Winslet’s comments in Vogue, stating that her three children live with her only.

Determining custody arrangements is no easy task, and few couples are able to reach an agreement without mediation for child custody. Here are the most controversial child custody arrangements:

Sole Custody

Although sole custody — also called full custody — is not new, it remains one of the most talked about, and controversial, arrangements. In fact, many courts ruling on uncontested divorces make parents split time spent with children equally. The Huffington Post clarifies that sole custodians maintain all legal rights to their child, including rights to make decisions about healthcare, education, and religion without consulting their exes. Judge Michele F. Lowrance reminds parents, however, that even legal lines may not be entirely clear-cut. “I have seen many sole custody orders where the non-custodial parent has more parenting time than in some joint custodial orders,” Lowrance adds.

Moreover, research suggests that sole custody agreements no longer favor women. The New York Times states that 50% of all fathers campaigning for sole custody are successful; The New York Times suggests this increase relates to shifting parental roles.

Split Custody

In rare cases, child custody attorneys and courts will suggest a split custody agreement. Split custody arrangements require at least two children; the children’s custody is divided up among separate parents. Yahoo News outlines why this is an unpopular option, “The most obvious opposition to split custody involves the inability of children to stay together and, most often, distances children from one another just as the parents are distancing from one another.”

Uncontested divorce with children necessitates decisions about childcare. Talk to child custody attorneys about controversial sole custody and split custody, or choose joint custody for a more modern arrangement. Good refereneces.

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