Famous Guitar Players Make Guitar Makers Famous Too

Richie havens guitars

Guitar players tend to be pretty fanatic about the kind of guitars they want to play. There was even one guitar player, named Les Paul, who asked his doctor to set his arm in a permanent position to play his guitar after he broke it in a car accident in 1948. He put a high personal value on being able to play his guitar. The type of guitar and the name brand on one of these instruments are a factor to consider when determining their financial value.

The musician who plays the guitar also affects the value. For instance, Kurt Cobain, David Byrne, P.J. Harvey and Liz Phair are all notable guitar players who favor the electric Fender Mustang guitars. Some of the Fender guitars first made in 1954 are still for sale today. These are the electric Fender Stratocaster guitars. Governments can also favor certain guitars. For instance, the government of Jamaica classifies Bob Marley’s custom Washburn 22 series Hawk guitar as a national asset. The estimated value on that guitar is $2 million dollars.

Two famous guitar makers of the 20th century are D’Angelico and D’Aquisto. Other guitar companies are famous today, such as Charvel Guitar Company, which made the Randy Rhoads Jackson guitars that are for sale. However Randy Rhoads Jackson guitars were actually designed by Grover Jackson, a partner in Charvel Guitar. Randy Rhoads Jackson guitars became famous as Rhoades used these guitars when he played for Ozzy Osbourne and Quiet Riot. Randy Rhoads Jackson guitars, Steve Vai Ibanez guitars, Brian Setzer Gretsch guitars and electric custom 24 PRS guitars can be found for sale online today. Learn more: www.gtrstore.com

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