Exciting Guided Elk Hunts

Guided mule deer hunt

Elk are one of the biggest species of deer throughout the world and are among the largest mammals that roam the land in eastern Asia and North America. Parts of Asia use elk antlers along with their velvet for traditional medicine making use of nearly everything they can from the animal. There are countless guided elk hunts out there that you can go on to experience the hunt of a lifetime. These elk guided hunts are located in a variety of states and most of the services include a luxurious stay at one of the beautiful elk hunting ranches right on the land that you will be hunting. Aside from guided elk hunts, you can also find guided mule deer hunts that give you a good opportunity at landing a trophy deer.

Another species that falls into the category of one of the exciting big games hunts out there are bears. Black bears have dens in which they hibernate each fall around October and November once they have gained around thirty pounds to last three to five months of hibernation. A more relaxed type of hunting would be that of a turkey hunt. Turkeys have been domesticated over two thousand years ago by indigenous people of Mesoamerica. While on one of the guided elk hunts or other hunting vacations, you can also spend your downtime fishing. Steelhead trout are common and anadromous meaning they return to where they were hatched to spawn themselves. Use the internet to find the best hunting and fishing opportunities available for your next trip.

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