Everything You Didnt Notice in Edward Scissorhands – Entertainment Videos

Tim Burton lovers all around the globe are in their hearts. Edward Scissorhands is a beloved timeless classic that continues to draw huge crowds every time Halloween rolls around and all through the year. It is a timeless movie, which is why Johnny Depp and Tim Burton are the legendary couple who developed it. Many small details are often missed by moviegoers. When it comes to the story of Edward Scissorhands’ story, this video will provide us with some entertaining information that most of us didn’t even know about the Burton famous.

If you’ve watched the movie, you will remember how Edward cuts the fur of every dog in the neighbourhood. The final cut of the film actually took place during the 90s. Johnny Depp also had to apply two hours of makeup every throughout the four months of filming Edward Scissorhands. Under extremely hot temperatures, Depp needed to put on a rubber and latex suits. The production of the movie took into account the swarm of summer bugs on filming.


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