Electric Dirt Bikes Make Great Holiday Gifts, While Acclimating Kids with Motorcycle Riding Techniques

Razor dirt rocket

For motorcycle enthusiasts, passing on the enjoyable hobby to their children is a popular trend. A smart way to get your child acquainted with the concept of riding a motorcycle, is to start them out at the adolescent age with a dirt bike. A dirt bike is a lightweight, off road motorcycle with a durable, and rugged frame. Dirt bikes are built for speed and agility, but typically only feature engine sizes less than 500cc. Because of their lightweight features and durability, young motorcycle enthusiasts have little difficulty handling dirt bikes while riding. Although some U.S. states require registration stickers for dirt bikes, no states require a license for riding dirt bikes. This makes it legal, and accessible for adolescents to learn the fundamentals of riding.

Recent technology has allowed for a new form of dirt biking. Instead of running off fuel, electric dirt bikes are becoming popular among the motorcyclist community. While they don’t feature the amount of power as traditional dirt bikes, electric bikes are very popular among young riders. These bikes can reach top speeds up to 60mph, feature traditional operating methods such as a 4-stroke manual transmission, kick starts and engines up to 200cc, despite only operating on a rechargable battery.

With the holidays swiftly approaching, electric dirt bikes for kids make great gifts, and provide a solid entry-level experience into motorcycle riding. If your child isn’t interested in motorcycle riding, or you’re not comfortable with the concept, consider safer options such as razor electric scooters. Razor, a juggernaut in the scooter manufacturing industry, provides electric scooters in addition to their electric bikes. Electric Razor scooters plug right into the wall and only take a few hours to charge. With typical electric razor scooters reaching top speeds of up to 37mph, your child is sure to love the experience.

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  1. Electric dirt bikes reaching speeds up to 60mph? that’s incredible, I would love to try one of these out. And not having to fuel up all the time, makes it an intruiguing buy. heck, I’m almost 30 and I want a toy like this.

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