Don’t Let Pets in Your Community Go Without the Best Vet Care Around

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As a veterinarian, you have extensive knowledge about the injuries and illnesses that can befall dogs, cats, birds, and perhaps even other household pets, but do you know how old your career is? Early Egyptian records dating back to 1900 BCE contain the first written record of the veterinarian practice. You might think that a career that is thousands of years old would not need to be advertised. After all, anyone with a pet knows that the only way to get their furry friend quality care is to visit a vet, Right?

You may be the best vet anywhere, and the most knowledgeable veterinarian in the surrounding five counties, but even excellent veterinary clinics are not immune from the basic laws of small business. Marketing, or a lack of it, can affect the strength of your customer base just as much as it affects business for a pizza shop, or for a document processing company. Try these four basic veterinary marketing ideas in your quest to promote your business.

  1. Keep Lines of Communication Open
  2. If your veterinarian marketing strategy does not already include a newsletter, then your first step should be to start one. At the very least, your clinic should be sending reminders to its current clients when their pets are due for vaccinations or a check-up. In either communication, you should include information on new services, and helpful information for pet owners. After all, you’re the animal expert, so show your customers and your community that you are their best resource for pet health information.

  3. Feature a Customer and Their Pet on Your Blog
  4. Did you know that your blog can help you gain customers? About 57% of all businesses with a blog were able to gain a new customer through that medium. As a vet, you are at a significant advantage in the world of blogging. People love reading personal stories, but what do they love more than that? Looking at pictures of animals. When you treat interesting cases, ask clients if you can share their story, and pictures of their pet, on your blog.

  5. Create a Referral or Rewards Program
  6. Your customers are likely an underutilized marketing asset. The power of word of mouth advertising is especially strong for veterinarians, as people are likely to ask their friends and family members for recommendations. Reward customer referrals with discounts, pet treats, or products, and you can let your work, and your customers, speak for themselves.

  7. Host an Educational Event
  8. One excellent way to increase awareness in your community of the services your clinic offers is to host an event. You could offer a workshop on how to keep pets groomed at home, how to properly clip nails and clean ears, or even tips and tricks for training. Encourage customers to bring their pet-owner friends.

For more veterinary marketing ideas, you can consult marketing experts, or hire on their services to boost the accessibility of your website, grow your social media, and strengthen your other veterinary practice marketing strategies. However you choose to move forward, these four veterinary marketing ideas will be valuable to a clinic of any size.

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