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The area. The study, which covered 19 countries discovered that 19% of those with dentures have at least one type of denture. It’s almost one fifth of all the world’s population. It’s not uncommon for those with dental implants, dentures that are complete and even partial or full dentures to face daily challenges, regardless of how large or tiny they appear. It is normal to have minor problems which you’ll encounter as you begin to get comfortable with dentures. There are times when soreness is normal and can occur within a few hours of getting dentures put in. The use of adhesives will reduce irritation due to denture friction caused by the gums. Access saliva is another common dental issue that denture wearers face. This is likely to improve with time as the body gets more accustomed to this foreign thing in your mouth. An experienced dentist will guide you each step of the journey to natural-looking, comfortable dentures.

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