Corporate Use Of VPN Software Is On The Rise

Anonymous surfing

An anonymizer allows for anonymous browsing, meaning the brand protection and competitive analysis segments of your corporate privacy strategy will be strong. If none of those words means much to you as a business owner, you may need to get in touch with an IT support professional that can break down each term and how they are important to you as the owner of a business. Most of the activity you conduct on the web can reveal intimate information about you, the members of your staff, your partners, your investors, your clients and any other business contact essential to your organization, especially if credit card information is stored by your browser.

This is why VPN software has become more popular in recent years. Using VPN software allows you to keep your web used to yourself. A recent survey of nearly 700 users of software that protects against tracking showed that 87 percent of respondents say they use this anti tracking software as a way to prevent advertisers from learning about their online activities. While a company is probably not going to have to worry about private browsing info hurting them, brand protection is important since your use of the web could give away details about your company plans that competitors could learn and use against you. This is especially true if you do business in Asia, where 44 percent of web users live and where VPN software is very popular among companies with global reach.

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